Launch at lunch!

Launch at lunch!

April 05, 2020

Drinks Cubed launched at the lunch! trade show on 19-20th Sept 2019.

lunch! annually brings together the food-to-go industry under one roof. This was the ideal show for us to launch as the food to go market is where so much single-use plastic bottled water is sold. 

Water trade show stand

As you can see from the images above we tried to keep everything as "on brand" as possible.

The response we received from the market was phenomenal. Our plans to become the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand in the UK by 2022 and a brand that is looking past the obvious and into the detail really caught the imagination of so many people we are probably still following up from the show as you read this. 

We fielded many questions regarding sustainability, recycling, carbon emissions, and materials which have led to further conversations that mean you should be seeing more and more of our drinks very soon.

Our goal is to set the sustainability benchmark against which other drinks brands are measured. Launching our natural mineral water in 500ml & 1Litre carton-bottles was the first step but there are many more to take as we make progress in the pursuit of perfection.

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